For efficient RO-RO services in Mediterranean Sea

Facilitation of hub and spokes system operation


Final beneficiaries of the start up of the new network will be the consumers of EU and the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), namely the manufacturing and import/export companies which intend to plan the shipment of their goods and book the best transport option, that will take advantage of the faster and better efficient trade services between the two shores of the Mediterranean basin.

Port Authorities

Port Authorities involved in the hub route can promote their services in the Mediterranean and their role in the proposed hub & spoke system and enhance their customer service provision.

Shipping lines

The shipping can promote through the platform their services in the Mediterranean, obtain a Med-wide view of the evolution of Ro-Ro services in Med ports and can enhance their customer service provision.


Ports Hubs

Beirut port of Lebanon and Porto Torres of Italy provide the main hubs of the connection between those areas



Connections between hubs and ports


Shipping Liners

Providing services in the Mediterranean Sea



Connecting Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean ports


The project, funded by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, with a total budget of € 1.999.403, aims to enhance the development of maritime transport and logistics sector in the Mediterranean, in order to ensure more efficient and sustainable trade relations between the northern and south-eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

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